Exhaust Pipes

The exhaust pipes from both cylinders to the smokebox consist of two 8mm pipes flowing together into one 10mm pipe into the smokebox. The work consisted of bending the pipes, with my miniature pipe bender, removing the top half of both pipes, turning and milling the two small flanges, and …

Cylinder Assembly

Mounting the Cylinders to the locomotive. During the last two months, I mounted the right cylinder to the locomotive (the left cylinder was done last year). This needs to be done very carefully, to get the alignment of the cylinder, piston, crosshead, connecting rod, and driving axle all lined up …

Gea II at the Fall 2017 meeting

The second Gea has been steaming up at the Fall 2017 Member meet at Rading Spoor.
After one round on the track, we noticed problems with

  • Boiler feed pump: Not providing a lot power to pump
  • Injector: Difficult to start, steam supply pipe too small?
  • Steam blower line: No power from the blower in the smokebox, supply line blocked?
  • Steam raising blower: 12V Power supply failing, and this is a 24V motor.

So back home, to fix some things this fall!