First steam run of the sister locomotive of Alberdina

The second locomotive, the sister of Alberdina, has been assembled during the last year. Although not completely finished yet, it is running well on compressed air.

During the last spring, I also build a locomotive stand, for more details see Locomotive Stand

This stand was very helpfull in the last steps of the assembly, I should have built this years ago!

The last week, I performed the first steam test of the locomotive. First on my rolling track stand, and then on the track of my locomotive stand.

Although that track is only 1.5 meters long, I was able to run the locomotive up and down the track. This is a short movie we made:

The water supply through the injector, the feed pump and the manual pump are all working. Also the safety valves are popping at 6 Bar. So nothing to stop me from performing the next test at the club track.

Hopefully this will be a successfull summer. To be continued.

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