Locomotive stand

In order to ease the constructions of my locomotives (so far 2 copies of a 3.5″ Narrow Gauge 0-4-0 Orenstein & Koppel style locomotive, and a Britannia 3.5″ to be finished), I investigated the options for a locomotive stand.

The objective is to hold the locomotive stable and be able to easily turn it on the side or upside down.

I used a design published in the dutch magazine “Onder Stoom” (running with Steam)  , details to be added.

This design enables you to adjust the axle of rotation of a locomotive with the axle of gravity. During the construction of a locomotive the axle of gravity changes, so this adjustment is of great importance. The result is a lightweight stand, from Aluminium mainly, with a small footprint, but still very stable.

I took the original design and draw it in all details in my CAD package Solidworks, enabling me  adjust the size to my locomotives.

Here are some pictures of the second Alberdina locomotive in the stand:

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