Deckel FP1 Milling machine

I purchased this machine in May 2000 from a private seller, about 30 kms away from my house in the Netherlands.
It is the “classical” 4 lever machine with Morse Conus 4 spindle. This is how I got it and used during the first few years:

Machine details are:

Machine number is 30046. That means it is produced in 1953 by Deckel. According to other information is was delivered to the first buyer B&S in Tilburg, the Netherlands, on Nov. 3, 1953.
The vertical milling head has number 4240 (actually 2113 4240), but states it was produced for machine 36932, which would be much newer, from the early 1960’s.
Included with the machine was a fixed table (put into storage now), a Universal table, number 63081, shown mounted on the machine above.
Plus additional equipment:

  • Slotting head
  • Dividing head
  • Some collets and arbors.

Converting to CNC control

Starting around 2013, I added CNC control to the machine, using simple stepper motors, through belt reduction transmissions to all 3 axes, plus a electronics control box, and Linux CNC software running on a PC.

For details see this page.

Maintenance of the FP1 machine

After using the machine for many years, I decided to do some long time needed maintenance on it. It needed an oil re-fill, adjustments to be done, and I wanted to add digital glass scales to create a positioning feedback loop to my CNC system.

For details on the maintenance and refilling oil, see this page.