Maintenance of the FP1 milling machine

After using the machine for many years, I decided to do some long time needed maintenance on it.
To start with, it needed an oil-refill for the main driving mechanism.

The issue was that I noticed previously a leakage of oil, on the left side of the machine, just above the main electrical connection area.
This area, on the German schematics from Deckel called “Einbauschalttafel’, is on the left side of the machine, containing connection points for the wires to the main switch, an optional outlet for additional motors, and protection circuits for both.
I found in my archive this schematic, which aligns with my own machine:

In previous years I already replaced the wiring within the whole machine with newer, more oil resistant, wires.

On the machine, this area looks like this (picture is not exactly vertical):

To move forward, I have a lot of questions:

Sealing of the cover?

On the picture below, you see the cover area just above the access door to the electrical area . The color is the same green, but now more blue on this photograph, due to the lighting conditions.
Question is should there be a sealing below this cover? If so how, is there a part available for this?

Purpose of plug on top of the cover?

On the top left of it is the connection from the cooling system pump (down in the feet of the machine) to the nozzle on top of the working table.
The tube on the right is the feet of the work table lamp (which is the light gray cable in the above picture).

What is the purpose of the plug in the middle?

This is a picture of the top of the cover, after removing the whole cover from the machine:

On the inside it looks like this:

Would this be a re-fill plug to add oil to the machine?

Looking on the machine where the cover was mounted, you see this:

Apparently the hole in the cover, is covering the hole in the machine. But also it looks to have leaked oil here. Both black, round, circles, appear to be not to be iron, but some other materials. Could these have dried out, and should they be replaced? If so, with what? Or could I just add some (Loctite) sealant between it and re-assemble the whole?

Is anyone having maintenance drawings for this machine, machine number 30046, build in 1953 ?

I could not find any Deckel FP1 maintenance manual that shows these parts. Most show a different cover with oil plugs, and I didn’t see any drawing yet that shows the electrical compartment inside the machine base at this spot.

Oil bolt

On the bottom right of that same area, just above the electrical area, there is a special bolt, which most likely is to be used for emptying the oil? It is accessible from outside the cover:

And in more detail:

Two questions on this one:

  1. I only can take the bolt to the length shown above. After that it gets rather tight. Should I be able to unscrew it further? I do not want to put too much force on .
  2. It looks oil has leaked there as well. Shouldn’t there be a seal below the head of the bolt? If so which one and how to get it on? When the bolt is not coming competely, adding a run will be difficult.

Replacement of the oil level indicators

Sofar I encountered two oil level indicators (in German “Ölstandsauge”) on the machine.
One in the picture of the “oil bolt above” and one on the front of the Y axis, see below:

They look old, so question is how to take them out and replace them? Are the screwed in from the inside ??

Thanks for reading this entry.
In case anyone has more info on the above, please contact me through the form below: